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A little bit of history

The Guild of Vision Mixers was formed in May 1984 at a meeting held at BBC Bristol. When the Guild was formed most vision mixers were employed on the staff of the BBC and the ITV companies.

At one time, Thames Television employed seven vision mixers, with a similar number at LWT. During this period, only a handful of freelancers existed. 

However, in the early nineties, there were major changes in the ITV franchises and many vision mixers entered the freelance market.

In addition, the BBC downsized their vision mixing department and yet more people left and became freelance. With no work base to meet at and with very few jobs requiring more than one or two vision mixers, those employed in this field rarely saw each other.

Also vision mixers who were still staff rarely met with those who were freelance.

Become a Member

To become a Member of the Guild, all you need to do is fill out a quick form. We’ll need your contact details and a little bit of information about your work history. The subscription fee is £30 annually.