Vision Mixers Guild: Data Protection and Privacy Policy 

All capitalized terms have their definition in the Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified here.


The Information We Collect 

We will never ask you to provide sensitive information regarding your health, sexuality, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data (for the purposes of identification), or other ‘Special Categories’ of data identified by Article 9 of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”.) 

We do, however, require some basic information about you in order to process your membership and facilitate our services to you. Collectively, this is your “Personal Information.” 


Registration Information 

When you sign up, we collect your name, phone number, email address, and if applicable, LinkedIn handle. We also collect a profile image that should represent your likeness. Collectively, this is your “Registration Information.” Once you have created an Account, you can alter this Information at any time, without restriction. 


Payment Information 

When you pay the Membership Fee, we collect your full name, address and credit card information or PayPal information. Collectively, this is your “Payment Information.” We do not process or store this Information, but our third-party payment providers do. 


Usage Information 

When you access the website, we automatically collect some basic information about how you use the website (“Usage Information”.) This can include your IP address, the time and date of when you accessed the website, and the site that referred you to the website. Most websites and online services also automatically collect this information. We don’t store this information, but our third-party hosting provider does, and it is made available to us. 


How We Use the Information We Collect 

We only retain the Registration Information that you provide to us. We use your Registration Information to create your Account and provide the Service. We use your Payment Information to facilitate the payment of the Membership Fee and provide it to our third-party payment providers. We don’t store or process this Information.


How We Share The Information We Collect: 

As Part of the Service 

As part of the service that the Guild provides, we will publish your name and profile image on a publically-available section of the website called “Freelancers Directory,” under your own profile. 

If you provide separate consent for us to do so, then we will also publish your phone number and email address (and, if applicable, LinkedIn handle) under your profile on the Freelancers Directory. 

To Our Service Providers 

We use a number of third-party service providers in order to help us provide the Service to you in a secure, reliable way. 

We share your Registration Information with Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd, who processes and stores the Information on our behalf in order for us to provide the Website and the Service. We share your Payment Information with PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. and Stripe Inc. in order to process the Membership Fee. We don’t store or process this Information. 

Although we work with other companies and organizations in order to provide the Service (such as training events,) we will not share any of your Personal Information to any third parties not named above. 


Our Legal Bases for Collecting Personal Information 

We work under a number of data protection laws, including the GDPR. As part of our obligations, we have identified the following legal bases on which we collect and process your Personal Information: 

Contract Performance

When you create an Account on the Website, you provide your Registration Information to the Guild. We require this information for you to enter into our Terms of Service, and we process this information on the basis of performing this contract. When you pay your Membership Fee, we require your Payment Information to pass on to our payment providers. Consent 

If you provide your consent for us to do so, we publish the contact details and LinkedIn handle that you have provided on the Freelance Directory section of the Website. This is your information, and you are able to modify and delete this Information at any time. You may also withdraw your consent for us to publish this information on the Freelance Directory at any time. 


How You Can Access and Control Your Personal Information 

You have the right to access, alter, and delete the information we hold about you at any time. 

Accessing and Altering Your Personal Information 

You can access and alter your Personal Information on your Account by logging into the Website and visiting ‘’. 

Deleting Your Personal Information 

You can delete the parts of your Personal Information that we don’t absolutely need in order to provide the Service by logging into the Website and visiting ‘’. 

We require some parts of your Registration Information in order to provide the Service. Deleting this information would therefore require the closure of your Account. You can do this by using the contact form at ‘’ and requesting the closure of your Account, as described the Terms and Conditions. 

Withdrawing Your Consent 

If you wish to withdraw your consent for us to publish your Personal Information on the Freelance Directory, you can de-select the option for us to do so on your Account, by logging into the Website and visiting ‘’. 

Data Portability 

If you need access to your data in a machine-readable format, please contact the Guild using the form at ‘’ and we will provide your Personal Information in a machine- readable format within one month. 

Data Retention 

We only store your Personal Information for the purpose of providing our Service. If you close your Account, we will remove your data within one month – excepting any data that we may require in order to fulfil any legal obligations. 

Some of your Personal Data will be contained in encrypted backups of the Website. We cannot alter these once they have been made, but in the unlikely event that this data is retrieved and decrypted, we will endeavour to remove your Personal Information from the backup before it is made live on the Website. 


Contacting The Guild

To contact the Guild or make a query about the information that we hold, please use the contact form at ‘’. We will respond as quickly as is practicable.